Space Exploration Chronology: Links | Michio Kaku/Ray Kurzweil/Stephen Hawking/Buzz Aldrin

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  1. Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking
  2. Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku
  3. Particle physicist Brian Cox
  4. Prominent astronaut Buzz Aldrin -
  5. Inventor and Futurist
  6. Astrophysicist and NYC Planetarium Director

Space Agencies
  1. China National Space Administration -
  2. European Space Agency (much of European Union member countries) -
  3. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
  4. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA)
  5. National Space Agency of Ukraine
  6. Chilean Space Agency (in Spanish)

Science & Technology | The world is rapidly changing through scientific and technological advances. The following sources will assist you in being aware of current developments.
  1. Jet Propulsion Laboratory presents a wealth of information on NASA missions
  2. Magazine on Astronomy
  3. Short lectures by innovative specialists in various fields
  4. Scientific & Technological trends, news, projections and more, made by experts of their respective fields
  5. Private University that aims to facilitate the development of cutting edge technological and scientific advances. Be sure to investigate their video section. -
  6. Online magazine on mostly latest technological innovations
  7. News focusing on consumer electronics but also covering broader technological advances.
  8. Catalog of significant lectures held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. -
  9. This list is being gradually updated.

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