Space Exploration Chronology: 1920 - 1929 | Expanding Universe | First liquid-fuel rocket launch

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American astronomer, Edwin Hubble, proves that cosmos does not end with the Milky Way Galaxy

The Universe is made up of many Galaxies. Click on the image to enlarge this view of a small portion of visiblee galaxies.
Credit: NASA

Up until this point, astronomers believed that the Universe is made up of our Galaxy alone. Hubble managed to prove this theory to be false while working at Mount Wilson Observatory. He calculated that Andromeda Nebula and Triangulum constellation are too far from the Milky Way to be part of our Galaxy. In some sense this marks the discovery of the Universe.

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American inventor and physicist launched first liquid-fuel rocket

Credit: courtesy of NASA/

Mission launched March 16, 1926
Destination reached March 16, 1926
Objectives Test first liquid-fuel propelled rocket.
Results Success. Rocket rose 41 feet in 2.5 seconds.

American physicist and inventor, Robert Goddard, was a pioneer of liquid-fuel propelled rockets. This was an important milestone in the history of spaceflight, though his rockets never flew higher than a few miles up into the air. As early as 1899, Goddard dreamed of devices that could reach Mars. As was the case with many geniuses, the value of his work did not become apparent until after his death in 1945. It is speculated that German V2 rockets were based on Goddard's designs.

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Hubble's Law: Expanding Universe

Georges Lamaitre (1927, derived from Einstein's General Law of Relativity) and Edwin Hubble (by a decade long observation, in 1929) concluded that the Galaxies were moving away from one another, thereby expanding the Universe. This law lies at the foundation of the Big Bang theory.

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