Space Exploration Chronology: 1910 - 1919 | Robert Goddard | Yuri Kondratyuk

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American inventor, Robert Goddard, files patents for multistage and liquid-fuel rockets

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Yuri Kondratyuk paves the foundation for a manned Moon mission

Credit: National Postal Service of Ukraine

Kondratyuk, a young Ukrainian student was drafted into the army in 1916. At the front he used up four notebooks on interplanetary travel and space exploration. In 1919 he published his calculations in a work called "For Those, Who Shall Build" which became basis for the NASA Moon landings of 1969-1972 and a forerunnner to space travel of the 20th and early 21st centuries.

Kondratyuk did the following, in his these early works:

- Developed equations for rocket motions
- Calculated flight trajectories
- Dveloped the theory of multi-stage rockets
- Talked about the need for new rocket fuels
- Suggested the use of orbiting supply bases for flying space crafts
- Suggested the use of small excursion vehicles to be used to land astronauts on planets and to return them to their space ships
- Proposed the use the gravitational fields of celestial bodies for accelerating and decelerating spacecrafts
- Discussed the use of atmospheric drag to decelerate the entry of a spacecraft back to Earth.

Majority of Kondratyuk's ideas have been implemented and are in use by modern space agencies.

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